Computing Square Corners


How to compute square corner vertices? This post looks into two different approaches where the first method goes on to apply matrix multiplication within a algorithmic context that results in a C++ application. The second approach develops the idea of the first method by decomposing rotation matrix into its eigenvalue counterpart, which is then utilized in two different algorithms and in a second C++ program.

First Site Update: Solutions


As the November of 2020 begins, Programming Lambda is getting a new update called Solutions. This new section of the site contains exercise and problem solutions for some common study books in computer science, mathematics and programming.

Recursive Binary Search


Binary search is a search algorithm that operates on sorted sequences of data. This blog post will present one possible implementation of recursive binary search algorithm, walks through its details, and expresses the algorithm in C++.

Launching Programming Lambda


Welcome to Programming Lambda, a blog about programming and computer science. The blog is very much in a work-in-progress state, and will go through changes as the development of this site continues. It should be noted too, that the development will move on in a relaxed pace since it's just a side-project developed only for personal pleasure. Nevertheless, I hope that it still is able to provide you with some interesting and useful ideas. If you are interested in reading more about future plans for this blog, please click Continue reading button below.